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SBI Catalog - complete
(Updated August 7, 2017)

In Adobe® Acrobat® PDF format (7 MB). If you do not have an Adobe® Acrobat® PDF Reader, just click on the Adobe® button below.

Download Acrobat Reader

SBI Electronic Catalog

.EXE file (218 MB)

Click below to download file to computer desktop, then go to desktop and click on file itself to activate.

For users who have any of the previous versions of the electronic SBI catalog on their computer, the user can update the catalog simply by connecting to the Internet while the electronic catalog is open and clicking the virtual "Update" button on the screen.

NOTE: We suggest that you use the new SBI Web catalog in lieu of the SBI CD-ROM catalog; the Web catalog is a problem-free alternative to the SBI CD-ROM catalog and its various compatibility issues with Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Mac operating systems.

For those SBI customers without Internet access, please note that the update feature of the SBI CD-ROM catalog will no longer be available. We will supply a new updated disk only on a special request basis and these updates will be done annually.

Minimum System Requirements: Microsoft® Windows® 95, 98, Me, 2000, 2003, or XP. Do not install the SBI e-Catalog on a computer using either Windows Vista® or Windows® 7 operating systems; otherwise, unstable performance and functional limitations of the SBI e-Catalog may occur. For Mac® users, VMware® Fusion® software must be installed, then one of the previously mentioned acceptable Windows® operating systems installed in order to install and use the SBI e-Catalog.

NOTE: For a file this large, download time depends on your Internet connection type and conditions that may affect the performance of each type:
• High-speed cable: From 7 to 30 minutes for complete download;
• DSL: From 15 minutes to 3 hours for complete download;
• 56k Dial-up: Up to 7 hours or more for complete download.

K-Line Bronze Bullet® Valve Guide Liners and Tooling from SBI
(Updated September 26, 2016)

Adobe® Acrobat® PDF (5.3 MB)

K-Line Bronze Bullet® Valve Guide Liner Installation Instruction Manual

Adobe® Acrobat® PDF (837 KB)

In English:

En Español:

K-Line® Ball Broach Wear Tech Bulletin

Adobe® Acrobat® PDF (156 KB)

In English:

En Español:

SBI Valve Seat Insert Speed and Feed Chart

Adobe® Acrobat® PDF (172 KB)

SBI Master Interchange List
(Updated August 7, 2017)

Microsoft® Excel® file (2 MB)

Enrollment form to receive invoice by e-mail

Microsoft® Word file (338 KB)


S.B. INTERNATIONAL, INC. / 2108 Utopia Ave., Nashville, TN 37211 / Order Desk - 800.THE.SEAT (800.843.7328)
General Inquiries - 888.THE.SEAT (888.843.7328) or 615.248.6281 / Fax 615.248.6377