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NOTE: All tech bulletins and articles are in Adobe® Acrobat® PDF format. If you do not have an Adobe® Acrobat® PDF Reader, just click on the Adobe® button below.

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TT00001 - Cylinder Head Installation For 2003-2005 Ford 6.0L Navistar Powerstroke Turbo Diesel Engines

TT00004 - Cylinder Head Installation For 1986-2004 Cummins 14.0L N, NT & N14 Diesel Engines

TT00014 - Use of Biodiesel Fuel In Current Mack E-Tech, ASET, MP7 And MP8 Diesel Engines

TT00015 - Use Of Biodiesel Fuels In Navistar-International Diesel Engines

TT00017 - Excessive Oil Consumption On 2006-07 GM 4.8 & 5.3L Engines (Valve stem nicks)

TT00021 - Ford 429/460 cid Propane Cylinder Heads

TT00026 – Coolant Leak On 2000-2012 GM 2.2L VIN F and D Engines

TT00027 – Flat Tappet Camshaft Break-in Procedure

TT00028 – Revised Cylinder Block on Cummins ISL and QSL9 Engines

TT00030 – Thicker Head Gasket Option for 2007-2014 Mini Cooper 1.6L N12 Engines

TT00031 – Dislodged O-Ring in 2012 Mini Cooper 1.6L Engines

TT00032 – Camshaft and Lash Adjuster Design Change For 2005 Ford 5.4L VIN 5 Engines

TT00034 – Valve Guide Liner Broaching Process And Tooling

TT00034 – Valve Guide Liner Broaching Process And Tooling (En Espanol)

TT00035 - Revised Valve Stem Seal Tools on 1994-2010 Cummins M11, ISM, and QSM Diesel Engines

TT00036 - Engine Identification by Code for Perkins Diesel Engines

TT00036 - Head Gasket Identification on 2001-2016 GM 6.6L Duramax Diesel Engines

TT00038 - Engine Model Identification for Case New Holland Construction Equipment

TT00040 - Cylinder Head Pressure Testing Caution on 1997-2017 Cummins 15.0L ISX Diesel Engines


"Failure Happens"

"Diesel Cylinder Head Rebuilding"

"Alternative And Flexible Fuels"

"Diesel Engine Cylinder Head Problems Diagnosis"

"Diesel Engines: Dino Fuel Or Bio Fuel?"

"Diesel Engines: How They Work"

"Eight Diesel Companies Determined To Change Diesel Engines Forever"

"Fuel Additive Test - ULSD: Increasing Fuel Economy In Pre-2007 Diesels"

"Fueling The Future: Alternative Fuels

"Gasohol, Ethanol And E85: What Is The Alternative?"

"Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine Rebuilding: Big Opportunities, Big Challenges"

"New Metals, New Challenges: Understanding Metallurgy In Today's Engines"

"Repairing Damaged Castings For Heavy-Duty Applications"

"Rocker Arm Geometry"

"The Internal Combustion Engine Is Here For The Long Run"

"Understanding High Performance Valvetrain Technology"

"What If The Trucking Industry Dumped Diesel? Diesel Liquid Vs. Natural Gas"

"What Is Acceptable Oil Consumption In Diesel Engines?"

"LPG Cylinder Head Conversions"

"New Diesel Technology: Thermoelectrics, LN Injection and Chrysler’s MultiFuel 2.4L 4-Cylinder"

"Studying Valvetrain Motion and Dynamics"

"The Lost Lobe Chronicles"

"The Science Of Diesel Emissions Reduction:Water-Methanol Injection vs. Urea Injection and EGR"

"Warranties Are Everyone's Problem"

VIDEOS (YouTube links)

"6.0L Ford Navistar Powerstroke - Cab Removal And Head Removal"

"6.0L Ford Navistar Powerstroke - LH Head Installation"

"6.0L Ford Navistar Powerstroke - RH Head Installation"

"Cylinder Head Repair After Valve And Seat Damage"

"How To Remove Cylinder Head From Nissan KA24DE 2.4L"

"How To Remove A Cylinder Head From A Nissan KA24DE 2.4L Engine, Part 1"

"How To Remove A Cylinder Head From A Nissan KA24DE 2.4L Engine, Part 2"

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