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Engine Valves

NOTE: All tech bulletins and articles are in Adobe® Acrobat® PDF format. If you do not have an Adobe® Acrobat® PDF Reader, just click on the Adobe® button below.

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TT00002 - Audi/Volkswagen 1.8L DOHC 20-Valve Gasoline Engine Valve Failures

TT00008 - Valve Lash Adjustment For 2002-2008 Nissan 2.5L QR25DE Engines

TT00013 - Tuliped Intake Valves Shortly After Rebuild On Gasoline Engines

TT00018 - Intermittent Valve Lash Adjuster Noise On N51, N52 or N52K BMW Engines

TT00019 - Detroit 60 Series Engine Valves and Guides

TT00020 - Cummins K Series Valves


"Analysis Of Natural Gas Engine Valve Vibrations Using Statistical Methods"

"Engine Valve Designs"

"Performance Engine Valve Technology: Materials And Designs"

"The Ups And Downs Of Valves"

"TLC Of Your Valves: Temperatures, Loads, And Corrosive Environment"

"Understanding Valve Design And Alloys"

"Valves, Retainers, And Springs"

"Valvetrain Repair: Fixing Valve Float"

"Valvetrain Stability"

"Valve Failure Analysis: Impact And Fatigue"

"Valve Failure Clues: Read 'Em And Weep"

"Extending Valve Life"

"Busted Valve Lash Myth"

"How to Determine Valve Lash"

"Using Valve Lash to Help Tune the Engine"

VIDEOS (YouTube links)

"Adjusting Valves On A John Deere 4-Cylinder Diesel Engine"

"Valve Job Using Three-Angle Form Carbide Blades"

"How To Set Valve Lash"

"Principles Of Valvetrain Geometry And Checking Proper Geometry"

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