Valve Guides

In 1997, S.B. International, Inc.® further enhanced it's product offering by adding Valve Guides to their expanding line of Cylinder Head Components. In 2001, SBI® aquired the Ertel®, Ohio®, and Nylen® brand Valve Guides and ALL Proprietary Designs. This aquisition gave SBI® the Marketing Rights to become the Exclusive Worldwide Aftermarket Distributor of the Ertel®, Ohio®, and Nylen® brand Valve Guides. This has allowed SBI to incorporate over 70 years of foundry and precision machining technology into each Valve Guide.

SBI Valve Guides are manufactured and supplied using the Highest Quality Cast Iron, Manganese Bronze and High Strength Proprietary Materials available. Each Valve Guide is manufactured to the Highest Standards and Specified Tolerances to ensure each Valve Guide can be installed directly into the cylinder head guide bore with minimal additional work. During installation, the Valve Guide inner diameter can encounter crush and become distorted due to interference, this is why SBI Recommends Checking ALL Valve Guides after installation for the Correct OEM Recommended Specification for Clearance. By doing so, this can Prevent Wear and potential Valve Stem Seizure.

Due to Stringent Modern Engine Emission Control Requirements, challenges in repairing today's cylinder head are presented. Almost all Modern OEM engine designs incorporate positive valve stem seals and Valve Stems that are Chrome Plated or Nitride with a very low Microfinish to reduce Exhaust Emissions. This fact, in relationship to higher operating temperatures, has made valve guide lubrication a prerequisite. Today, Engine Valve Guides are composed from complex alloys combining heat treatments and wear coatings to ensure proper lubrication during operations. Many SBI Valve Guides, some which are OEM designed, are designed with an internal Spiral Groove (SR) to provide additional oil retention and reduce Valve Guide and Valve Stem Wear. 

SBI offers a wide range of Valve Guides that includes Automotive, Light & Heavy Duty Diesel, Industrial, Marine, Performance and even Gaseous Fuel applications. SBI Valve guides are either an OEM Direct Replacement Valve Guide Ranging in size From 9mm up to 1-3/8 inch or Conversion Valve Guides for cylinder head with integral guides. Conversion Valve Guides are available with 1/2, 9/16 and 5/8 inch outside diameters in a combination of various inside diameters. For the Extreme Condition applications, Conversion Valve Guides are available in a High Strength Alloy and are Heat Treated, which produces the ultimate in wear resistance. This is far superior to any other Valve Guide material available, including Bronze. Our Hardened Conversion Guides are designated by a suffix "H" included in the part number. It is not uncommon to find loose Valve Guides in Aluminum Cylinder Heads. Where necessary, SBI offers Valve Guides Designed with an External Snap Ring to prevent Valve Guide movement in Critical Engines. Some Castings may require an Oversized O.D. for various reasons in which SBI offers a range of 0.002"- 0.030" Oversized O.D. Valve Guides and in those instances would be indicated by a suffix with +2, +5, +10, +20, +30 for example. SBI also offers some Valve Guides with an Undersized I.D., indicated by a suffix "U" that may be required in order to achieve correct Clearances for various reasons.

SBI is now offering a Special Alloy Valve Guide indicated by a suffix "SA" that is a Proprietary Design using a High Strength Alloy and with Special Surface and Heat Treatments. The "SA" Series of Valve Guides were initially Developed and Proven to assist with wear issues related to Older Diesel Applications using Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD), The "SA" Valve Guide has also been known to be a Solution for similar wear issues in Gaseous Fuel Applications.

SBI Valve Guides that are supplied in a Cast Iron based material are indicated by a 140-xxxx prefix and Valve Guides supplied in Bronze based material is identified by a 340-xxxx prefix. SBI designs each OEM Replacement Valve Guide based on the OEM Required Design, Specifications and Material and will ALWAYS Meet Or Exceed those requirements. To See If SBI Offers an OEM Designed or Conversion Valve Guide for your needs, refer to the SBI Catalog Application Listing. For an Expanded Conversion Valve Guide Listing, refer to the Progressive Size Listing in the SBI Catalog.




  • Prefix 140-xxxx = All Cast Iron Valve Guides
  • Prefix 340-xxxx = All Manganese Bronze Valve Guides


  • 140-xxxx H Suffix = All Hardened Conversion Valve Guides
  • 140-xxxx SA Suffix = All Special Alloy Valve Guides
  • 140-xxxx U Suffix = All Undersized I.D. Valve Guides
  • 140-xxxx +2 = All Oversized O.D. Valve Guides
  • 340-xxxx BR Suffix = All Manganese Bronze Valve Guides

Inner Diameter Finish

  • Valve Guide Type And (P) = All Plain I.D. Valve Guides
  • Valve Guide Type And (SR) = All Spiral Reamed I.D. Valve Guides