Rocker Arm Components

S.B. International, Inc.® offers a full line of Rocker Arms, Roller Followers and Rocker Components for Automotive, Light, Medium and Heavy-Duty Trucks, Agricultural, Industrial and Marine Engines. All components supplied are manufactured to exact tolerances to meet and/or exceed all OEM requirements. Hardened Steels, Aluminum and other premium alloys are used to provide a Quality Component resulting in Long Life and Dependable Service.

Engine Builders in today's competitive market focus on Quality to gain the advantage over the competition. Engines are designed with closer tolerances, are higher revving, produce more horsepower, plus expected to last longer, and provide greater fuel economy while minimizing emissions. Trying to accomplish this overwhelming task with all the intricate components, engine builders inspect, repair, or replace many moving components related to the cylinder head such as Rocker Arms and Rocker Components. Worn or bent components limit an engine from achieving desired results at the onset. Inspecting and/or replacing these components will provide an engine with greater results for performance, durability, and longevity. It is recommended to thoroughly inspect every component and replace all worn components. 

 SBI® has you covered! To find the correct components and to complete the job, refer to the Application Section of our catalog for a complete listing of these components offered.



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