Head Saver Shims

S.B. International, Inc.® offers Head Saver Shims for Many Popular Cylinder Heads. In the event the Cylinder Head and/or Block have been machined below Factory Limits, the SBI® Head Saver Shim will help restore Valve Train Geometry, Valve Clearance, OEM Compression Ratio and Cam Timing to Factory Specifications.

SBI Head Saver Shims are designed to "Save" rather than "Scrap" a Cylinder head after Machining below Factory Limits and solve common problems associated with exceeding factory limits such as Lack of Valve Train Geometry, Compression Ratio Creep and Timing Chain Flutter. ALL SBI Head Saver Shims are Precision Cut from 0.020" thick Cold Rolled Steel and are individually produced by using CNC Laser Technology which eliminates the Rolled Edge found on Head Shims manufactured using a Press Punch process.

NEVER Scrap a Cylinder Head Again!

  • NOTE: SBI Head Saver Shims should be installed on the block surface with the Cylinder Head Gasket on top and should be used with Conventional Head Gaskets Only!