Injector Tubes and Components

S.B. International, Inc.® offers Injector Tubes (Sleeves), O-Rings and Water Directors for the most popular Agricultural, Industrial, Medium and Heavy-Duty Diesel Applications.

All SBI® Injector Tubes, and Water Directors are designed and manufactured using the Highest Quality Copper, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron and Brass while our O-Rings are manufactured from the Highest quality Viton®, Aflas, Nitrile and EPDM available. Achieved by using the Highest Quality Standards and Manufacturing Processes, our Injector Tubes and Components will meet and/or exceed all OE Manufacturers requirements and provide a quality product for our customers.


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SBI now offers the LOCTITE® Brand Threadlocker Red 271 and High Strength Sleeve Retainer Green 640 


About Threadlocker Red 271 

Part Number 231-271L Available In 36ml Size

  • Heavy-duty adhesive permanently locks and seals large metal fasteners
  • Low Viscosity Thread Locker Designed for larger metal fasteners 3/8-inch to 1-inch
  • Use on power equipment where secured fasteners are mandatory
  • Sets in 20 minutes; cures in 24-hours
  • Easy to apply and use


About High Strength Sleeve Retainer Green 640 

Part Number 231-640L Available In 36ml Size

  • High temperature anaerobic adhesive that secures slip and press fit assemblies
  • Adds up to 3,000 psi holding power
  • Restores fit to worn or out-of-tolerance assemblies
  •  Prevents surface corrosion
  • Works up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit








"7.3L Ford Navistar Powerstroke Injector Tube Failure And Replacement"