K-Line® Bronze Valve Guide Liners and Miscellaneous Tooling


SBI® takes tremendous pride in serving as Exclusive Master Distributor for K-Line® Bronze Bullet® brand Valve Guide Liners and Guide Liner Tooling.

The K-Line Bronze Bullet brand Valve Guide Liners are made of spring tempered Phosphor Bronze, which is an anti-seizing, anti-wear, high strength to weight ratio material. It is more dense than cast iron, has a higher rate of thermal conductivity, a lower coefficient of friction and insures higher lubrication retention due to the interrupted spiral feature of the product engraved on to the inside of the liner.

The inner design of Bronze Bullet brand Valve Guide Liners patented by K-Line allows for lubrication to be held in the guide, enhancing wear characteristics and reducing the possibility of excessive oil blow back. This patented design feature provides superior installation and fitting characteristics.

K-Line originally developed their Bronze Bullet Brand Valve Guide Liners for the trucking industry, where fleet engine dependability is a must. Freight carriers expect to get hundreds of thousands of miles per engine between rebuilds; furthermore, a big rig's time spent off the road and in the shop is an expense that ultimately eats into carriers' bottom line. As a result, fleet engines are rebuilt many times over with quick turnaround to minimize this expense. Commitment to designing and testing its product to meet the ever changing needs of the engine rebuilding market defines K-Line's approach to development and manufacture of their Valve Guide Liners and Guide Liner Tooling. Their certified manufacturing processes guarantee level best quality for each and every application.

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"K-Line® Valve Guide Liner Installation Procedure"

"Procedimiento Para la Instalación K-Line® Guía-Perfilador de Válvula de Bronce. En español."