Valve Springs

In 1997, S.B. International, Inc.® began offering Valve Springs to continue to compliment the growing line of its Cylinder Head components. To date, SBI® has perhaps one of the most extensive Valve Spring offerings in the Aftermarket and continues to increase its application coverage exponentially. SBI offers Valve Springs for Automotive, Light and Medium Duty, Marine, Performance, Agriculture, Industrial and Heavy-Duty Diesel applications.

Through the development process, SBI ensures each Valve Spring is developed and manufactured using the Highest Quality materials to include Chrome Silicon, Chrome Silicon Vanadium & Chrome Silicon Vanadium Nickel while utilizing the latest in manufacturing Technology And Quality Control Standards available today. This results in the Highest Quality Valve Springs offered in the industry. Each application specific Valve Spring is designed based on the OEM Specifications and will meet or exceed the OEM Requirements. During the manufacturing process, each Valve Spring goes through a series of Stress Relieving and Heat Treatment processes to provide longer life and to minimize load loss during operation. SBI Valve Springs come in many shapes and styles and for many types of applications. Whether its an Ovate (oval) or Round wire Valve Spring, a Conical, Beehive, Cylindrical Valve Spring, a Single or Dual Valve Spring or has an Internal Damper or External Damper, SBI has you covered.

SBI has put together the most comprehensive and accurate Valve Spring Specifications listing available today. Each SBI Valve Spring has been tested to provide the latest specification information available. In some cases, the Valve Spring specifications may have changed from those originally installed in the factory cylinder head. Where possible we have indicated in the applications section where a spring can replace an earlier version or where some casting modifications may be required. It is also not safe to assume that the test specifications provided by SBI represent the actual Valve Spring Installed and Operating Loads and Height requirements. Although in many cases the SBI Installed and Operating Load and Height specifications are the same as the OEM, it is always recommended to check Installed and Operating Loads and Height against the Required OEM specifications.


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