Heat Tabs

S.B. International, Inc.® offers Heat Tabs to help protect Engine Builders and Rebuilders from false claims of engine failures under their product Warranty period and ultimately protects from costly warranty repairs and their reputation. When an engine overheats, it is most likely related to installation oversights, misuse of the engine and/or faulty cooling system components. In most cases, the Engine Builder has no control over the installation procedure used on the Engine Builder's or Rebuilder's product. A new Cylinder Head or Engine may be running with the same leaky radiator, hoses, thermostat, or water pump that caused the initial problem in the first place. For that reason, SBI® recommends the use of Heat Tabs which give some indication as to engine operating temperatures while in the hands of the consumer. Heat Tabs will not indicate individual cylinder conditions; however, Heat Tabs will indicate excessive coolant temperature in the engine during operation that can lead to engine failure.

SBI® Heat Tabs are designed and engineered specifically to work with Gasoline and Diesel engines and to monitor engine operating temperature. Our Heat Tabs are tested and certified to perform and melt at the proper melting point if installed correctly. To ensure proper temperature monitoring is occurring, place up to four Heat Tabs on a single engine with one on each cylinder head and one on each side of the engine block. The Heat Tab should be positioned where it will give a good indication of average head temperature, but away from exhaust ports, manifolds, or pipes. The Heat Tab should also be located in a protected position, so it isn’t accidentally damaged or knocked off during engine installation or normal use. For Engine Blocks, a good location is in the recess of a freeze plug. For Cylinder Heads, almost any exterior surface not adjacent to the exhaust ports will work.


SBI offers two Heat Tabs and a Heat Tab Adhesive to install and provide optimal performance and adhesion. Typically, a Heat Tab for a Gasoline engine has a center plug that melts out at 250º to 255º F. If the engine has gotten hot enough to melt the heat tab, if any damage is suffered it is likely NOT the rebuilder’s fault. A Lower temperature Heat Tab is available for applications such as Diesel Engines which melts out at 225º to 230º F. 


Part No. Melting Point Qty.
231-1001 High-Temp Heat Tab 250º to 255º F 100 Heat Tabs
231-1002 Low-Temp Heat Tab 225º to 230º F 100 Heat Tabs
231-1000 Adhesive 3.5 oz. Tube